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The latest of the TX line are efficient machines which have been created to meet the technical and economical requirements of their users. The technical solutions adopted, such as the rigidity of the high quality constructions, the high work capacity, the tilted bed and the rationality of the lay-out allow us to present a line of modern machines which offer unique feature and special performance. The structure is of large dimensions and is made of compound steel and cast iron meehanite which have been tempered, machined and ground. The guides have been induction-tempered and the counter-guides have been manufactured using an anti-friction material. The automatic lubrication system is separate of the head, from the saddle change, from the ball recirculation screws.


The “gearless” head is silent, does not vibrate, is powerful and hard-wearing. It is electronically controlled in its every part and is oversize in order to bear the loads resulting from “alternative versions” of the TX 200 with no problem. The technical solutions adopted allow for an extremely rational lay-out which, in turn, allows easy accessibility for servicing and repairs. The wide space available also favours natural ventilation which, in concomitance with the heat exchanger, allows the whole system to operate at a low temperatures.


The basic version of the TX 200 is a frontal machine with the use of multiple tools for work on pickup pieces. Thanks to the table’s long transversal travel 15” (380 mm), it is possible to mount a wide variety of frontal tools in combination with the horizontal or vertical turret or motorized drilling and milling group with a high work torque. It is also possible to mount a robot on the table; this can be used for shifting the pieces from a feeder to a spindle and from the latter to a conveyor for piece stocking. Furthermore, our experience in the field of electronics allows us to assemble and give backup to CNC government units supplied to us by the most important constructors in the field, such as Olivetti / Ge-Fanuc / Siemens / Fagor.


The precision of the mechanical operations, the use of extra-precise and oversize ball recirculation screws and special axis bearings, the repeatability guaranteed by the transducers with 0,002 mm cancellation all help to make the TX machines highly and almost and eternally reliable. Work safety is guaranteed by the stainless steel shields with their differentiated structure in lexan, importsnt and efficient elements for the protecting from spraying and chips. And finally, the total back-up (machine and checks) for up to five years is an integral part of the TX CNC system.

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